B.I.Solutions Corp.

B.I.Solutions helps Clients and Investors make money in Real Estate ... and "Live the American Dream"!

Home prices in the Phoenix area hit a 12 year low, but not everyone can buy.
Common reasons include:
- lack of down payment
- low credit score
- home foreclosure in the last 3 years
- bankruptcy in last 3 years
- banks aren't lending!

Buying & Investing Solutions provides Clients the ability to buy a home or stay in the home that they're losing to foreclosure.

In the first 2-3 years we help our Clients:
- accumulate their down payment
- build equity
- improve their credit score
- live in their home, while their kids attend the local schools, and they become part of your neighborhood.

When they're ready to convert from Leasing to Owning, we refund a full 25% of all lease payments toward their down payment.

So whether you're trying to buy a home, to stay in your home, or you're dissatisfied with the returns on CD's, stocks, and bonds - the biggest risk - is not contacting 'The Ronald' today!

Listen in on the archived show from March 27th - a shortened version of our Learn To Earn a Higher Return Seminar with Carol Blonder on KFNX.


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